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Our group has been activated since 1998 and having a spesialised network of assistants (Brokers, Civil Engineers, Architects, Craftsmen, Economists) can offer complete services around the real estate markets, buying, selling, renting, land granting, managment, investments, loans, estimates, research consultancy, maintenance, construction and repair of your real estate, our expectations are to meet your highest standards of quality and services. Contact      
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(#1557) Price 0€Building Plots For Sale Andros [View] [Coastal]

(#1405) Price 100.000€ 1000m² Building Plots For Sale Andros

(#1607) Price 750.000€ 1152m² Building Plots For Sale Andros

(#2976) Price 90.000€ 4057m² Building Plots For Sale Andros [View] [Coastal]

(#3398) Price 30.000€ 1000m² Building Plots For Sale Andros [Special Offer]

Real Estate Broker
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71 Vrasida Str. 231 00 Sparta
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(#3843) Price 50.000€
Detached houses
Monembasia Monemvasia

(#3842) Price 120.000€
Building Plots
Skala Lakonias

(#3841) Price 100.000€
Building Plots
Skala Lakonias

(#3840) Price 330.000€
Daphni Athina

(#1418) Price 95.000€
Detached houses
Sparti Lakonia

(#1519) Price 125.000€
Sparti Lakonia